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everything you do will be insignificant/but its very important that you do it.
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20th-May-2012 01:51 am(no subject)
Tyler 22, Remember Me

If you are looking for my graphics: gardeniadust Hey, so, I'm actually SEMI friends only. Posts on say, Twilight, Icons, promotions, or anything else I feel is fit for everyone, will remain public. But if you want to really get to know me, see my poetry, short stories (soon), or other writings, whimsies, things like that will be private.

If you want to friend me, just comment, and I'll friend you back. I like meeting new friends. However, if I somehow feel weirded out by you (which rarely happens) I might not friend you back.</div> feel free to visit my inspiration blog: Inkblot Book.
I haven't done a twi-rant in a long, loong time, so I figured what the heck? Why not kill time while stalling on my lab reports due on thursday, ay?

So I...

♥ the fact that they are keeping {New Moon} as closed as possible. As much as I miss twilight tuesdays, and all that footage we used to receive, for what seemed like 24 hours a day, it did kind of dim my excitement when the movie finally came out. Maybe this time I wouldn't have seen most of it first, and will be able to have an honest reaction to it, lol. Either way, I know I'll probably love it anyway!

Can't wait for the first look on thursday! It brought back the nostalgia that Twi-Tuesdays brought me every week! I feel like they will treat this novel with the care it will need. Because it's a more serious novel, or rather subject matter, they have to really treat it differently than they did the first. And I think they will do it well. Of course, I was never on Jacob's side, lol, although I never hated him, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing how Taylor matures as Jacob! Of course I can't wait to see all the extra scenes they will add Rob in just to cater to all us robobsessers, lol. I hope they don't make up any unnecessary scenes though, really.

last but not least...


OMGosh, that man never ceases to give me a heart attack!

buh bye!!!
13th-Apr-2009 11:08 pm - tea inspiration
edward and bella

hey guys, just letting you know i've updated my inspiration journal rosescentedtea, so please check it out!
29th-Mar-2009 07:19 pm - Happy Story/Celebrity Rant
No, it has nothing to do with me, lol, sorry. But it does have something to do with my fav Robert Pattinson. Here's the story.

So, I was carousing the internet, and found myself on Robert Pattinson online, where they told of a truly sweet and lovely story. This weekend he was in Vancouver, attending the Juno music festival, where he met a performer named, Adaline. She wrote: (any true rob fan should read this as its the sweetest thing)-

"I walked over and he was saying to another girl, “I can’t do that. I can’t do that”, so I pulled up beside him and said, “What can’t you do Robert” and he said, “I can’t take pictures tonight”. So I leaned over and said, “I don’t need a picture of you. You’re just a normal person trying to have a good time. I’m just happy to have this moment with you. Sometimes people want a piece of you, more specifically, a piece of Edward. I’m happy to be meeting you. At the end of the day, you’re just like me.”

At that point, he pulled me into an warm embrace and said in my ear, “You are the first person to say that to me all day, thank you. Honestly, thank you”. I said, “You’re welcome. We’re the same”."
-source= robert pattinson online


My faith has been restored in fans. For once you don't have a stalking, squeing fan girl, clamoring on and on about Edward. Yes, I, like a lot of us, initially found out about him because of this part. But he seriously has a heck of a lot more to offer than this. He's such a talented actor, and then my love for him is validated every time he's interviewed and he's such a sweet, fun loving, polite, REGULAR guy. Thats why this wins my happy pick of the week, because there are fans out there that care about actors as people, and not as a persona, or a celebrity. Who's not asking for their time selfishly, but actually wanting to get to know them, and encourage them.

This leads me to my rant. It seems overnight, Rob went from 'star on the rise...man everyone wants," to ' oh, he smells so bad, oh everyone hates him on set now," all sorts of rubbish. That's why there are certain parts of hollywood that I just cannot stand! It's the only surreality where people claim to love you but they don't know you, they know the character you play, or a version which you choose to project. And this person which they choose to keep flashing in the tabloids and tv soon becomes the one they want to tear down, but thank God, Rob could care less. Yet, even with all this, I can imagine how disheartening it is to look in these publications and see all this trash about yourself, spewed across front pages like raw sewage on concrete. It drives me insane, especially when I see him as a really genuine person, whose unscathed by hollywood, and who would rather play music with close friends or read alone.

anyhoo, that was my rant. I just hate it when cool people get harassed!
20th-Mar-2009 03:28 pm - Piano Concert
edward and bella
So one thing that is both awesome and bittersweet about the Twi-fandom is that everything is leaked so early, and someone always feels the need to leak it to everyone. I wish I had more excitement saved for when we actually purchase the DVD (which i can't buy @ 12 AM because I squandered by pay check on girly goods at girlprops, and Urban Outfitters :( ) , but I am also too weak to say no. After All, with all the Twilight Tuesdays that happened last year, I am basically programmed to watch any Twi-related footage, lol. I know, I am insatiable.

Any hoo, If you guys don't already know, for the essential 'Bella's Lullaby' scene, Rob originally composed one off the top of his head, right in the moment. And I believe this is what came of it.

pilfered from silentscream821 over at lion_lamb.

Even with is poor quality, what's come straight out of Rob's heart is simply gorgeous, and as spontaneous as inklings of first love. I know it will be even better when I can I can watch it on DVD! Plus, there's nothing sexier than a man who can burst into spontaneous waves of song. Oh that Rob!
17th-Mar-2009 02:04 am(no subject)
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know, I've posted some brand new icons/goodies up at gardeniadust!

teaser teaser teaser

So please feel free to check them out, and tell me what you think!
6th-Mar-2009 02:20 pm - ~Singing My Song~
Today I was a bit bored wandering about my house, when I decided to fiddle around in Garageband. I just felt like singing, and since I'm usually so shy, I decided, why not. So, I have embedded two recordings. The first song is Hometown Glory, by Adele. I love love love her! It's about her love for London, and well if you know me, you know my love of it, but I think the same can be applied to New York City as well. She has a jazzy, soulful sound, a lot like spoken word; she's excellent!

Hometown Glory

The second song is a Medley of songs to my Savior. I'm singing "Jesus," "Jesus Loves Me," and "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," versions by Avalon. A Whole lot of Jesus going on, lol! Those songs have gotten me through a lot of stuff, and Avalon is one of the greatest Christian Groups out there!

Jesus/Jesus Loves Me/Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

so I hope you like it, and please for my sanity, comment about what you think. And if you don't like it, well boo hoo, I'll live on, lol.

1st-Mar-2009 10:03 pm - The Stars are shining again
My outlook on life has become better since the last entry. I just have to roll with the punches, and stop whining!

I felt like writing because now that I have a paid lj account I better take advantage of it.

What's new in my life?

- I've started on my next batch of icons! I know everyone must think I've fallen off of the edge of the earth because I lurk more than I actually participate with LJ nowadays. Hopefully I'll have this batch out by the end of the week!

-Still dreaming about London, and trying to get this application process started! I've been dragging a bit, but I will get it done somehow, by His Grace and Mercy!

-I've decided to work full-time on my novel, and I got an extra jolt of inspiration yesterday while in the middle of selling chocolate to grubbing customers, and penning the origin of the blue rose. I'm much happier with my new origin! So happy writing to all!

-Last but certainly not least: I've been reaffirming my relationship with my Lord. I've had a bit of a tumultuous two or three years in my spirit. It was a time where I had to square my shoulders and vow/fight to choose God over my flesh, over what seems like reality, over others' judgements. But I thank Him everyday that even in times when I've wanted to deny Him, and call myself taking control over my own life, He still stood by me. Especially in this holy 40 days leading into His Ultimate Sacrifice, and Resurrection, it seems a fitting time to meditate on God, and how He's been such a huge blessing to me in this time when I had seemingly turned against Him. Even when I think about all of the thought's I've had against Him, and actions, and sins, it really pains me. But thank You, Jesus for coming for such a time as this, for dying for me when You knew that this season, and many other seasons which I could be tested in such ways (God-Forbid), would come, you still said "she's worth it." Thank You Lord!

I hope you guys have a blessed week, and feel free to leave a comment if you want!
how to be 2

It seems that while everyone else is growing up, and taking their places in this world, I'm just kind of floating about waiting for life to begin. I would love for a book job to just walk right up to me and offer me a place, or for my writing to land serendipitously into someone's hands and become a huge success. But each day that passes it seems a bit of a long shot. I never took on any internships because most of them aren't paid, and I needed a job after I became a junior. With my course loads plus a job, it was a bit of an overkill to also have an internship as well. And yes, I was also quite afraid that my writing wouldn't measure up to the grammarians that I went to school with.

I wanted to go into publishing, and I still do, but all you hear is even with an internship you have to work your way up in a field that already pays less money in a dwindling economy than is possible to survive, lol. It all seems like a catch twenty-two, and it makes me wonder why I didn't just major in law or something that would = money. A few friends of mine are sure teaching is the way to go, but I have loads of nerves about that. I would have the responsibility of making sure someone learns a subject, and correctly. That's a huge responsibility, and one mustn't go into it if that isn't your passion. Then this premature fear comes over me: I was never popular with kids/teens when I was one, so I fear that I would never be personable enough to keep kids' attention. So, I'm kinda ruling teaching out because I might start crying in front of my students, and that wouldn't be cool.

So with all of that down, what do I do with my life. I know I want to go to Grad School in creative writing, in England. But then, what's afterwards? Do I have a real plan? No. And why do I feel as if its too late. I have cousins not much older than I am, who already have houses or condos, jobs that allow for travel, and husbands or wives (something I will not even get into right now). The only thing I can brag about is my aspiration for grad school, and the newest novel I've purchased. And what's worse, I have no idea what to do about it, and I'm becoming quite scared. Please pray for me.

i feel like my dreams are going to fade away soon. And I wish I was more practical than a dreamer sometimes, because when you have dreams and you're afraid to pursue them, it really sucks.
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